Parents please stop fighting at home

It is a normal routine of parents to fight most of the time because of their indifferences within themselves,  that too ending up in quarrel, screaming and fighting before the children. Specially, under circumstances when children are still young, and they have something to tell you for the day. Tolerance and blaming behaviour among wife and husband even leads to physical abuse, fighting each other harsh and abusive language.

The social value, we want to promote on this topic is that, such physical abuses and abuse through words would make believe the children they are living in a family where there is no moral value, and fundamental rights!.
Most importantly, the children would tend to start thinking that when parents themselves cannot solve their problems, how would they sort the problems of them;the children. This problem even would lead the children to hide issues they face in their daily life. Specially, women children would  hesitate to not to report any sexual abuses they face in daily life.
Though, quarrel and fight between wife and husband on daily basis at home  this is going to have long term effects on their future, but not really witnessing anything immediately. Possibly, such fights could even let the children to have an assuming and biased view on any one of the parent.
Finally, my suggestion to all parents who fight da and night, morning and evening. KEEP CALM! Show your children that your behaviours are mature, at-least inside home. To keep the moral values of your children! Don't culture gender bias to start at your home.
Parents please avoid quarrel and fight. Live happily with what you have got with the beautiful children. Avoid fight!