Chennai floods, Government is not the main reason, but the public attitude is the root cause.

Politicians have a general opinion about the public that the public is addicted to the free stuffs and they use such free scheme as a brainwashing tool, exception for mismanaging the government funds. Similarly, public are also selfish, they go any extreme to violate the rules and regulations by indulging in corrupt practices.  

Public’s daily activities and their house construction policies are completely against the basic standards and rules. Especially, related to the encroachments of the roads, river, and the disposal of wastes. 

Road Encroachments :-

1            In my opinion, around 99% of private buildings, shops, and houses  in Chennai have encroachments  on the  road sides. Neither the owners nor the corporation has any discipline in maintaining the control of such drain channels, and the storm water drainage channels. 

2           These encroachments are generally a slope concrete structure used for the car parking, and it is constructed for the reason that, to be used as an access to the high-rise house floor. Since, these slopes are made of thick concrete blocks, equal to the width of plots, ranging from 40 feet to 60 feet stretch.

3            These concrete slopes are making it impossible to clean the drain channels, because under these slopes/slabs. Most of these drains are blocked due to sand and plastic covers blockage.

River Encroachments :- 

1         60 years back width of Chennai river's, like the Adyar, Buckingham, Coovam , and their link canals might have been wider, at-least by double the width of the present size.

2         But, now on both sides it is occupied by the legal and illegal constructions amounting to huge structures like the engineering colleges, star hotels, shopping complexes, slum houses, and unauthorized sheds. 

3         Though most of these river bed encroachments are now legal, they are contradict, violating to the original land classifications records that existed 60 years ago. 

Plastic covers:-

Apart from the flood and water, it is very sad to see that the plastic covers are everywhere. Which reflects the ruthless attitude of the public, and commercial establishments.

1        Whether you agree or not, each family in Chennai disposes at-least  2 to 4 polythene plastic covers in a day. 

2        If accounted, approximately would amount to 600~1000 polythene covers per family per year.

3        50 % these plastic covers, biscuits, and chips covers unorganized disposal strayed in the roads, which gets penetrated with sand and physically blocks the drain channels.

4         While it is a known fact that the waste management system of the corporation is a failure, residents are equally irresponsible in disposing the wastes anywhere and wherever they feel.


1      Road Encroachment solution:-  Modified Government Order should be issued, which restricts the land owners touching or doing any kind of slopes, apart from their land area. These platforms and slopes should be under the complete ownership of the corporation, and slabs according to the specification of the corporation. None of the construction material should cross the boundaries of the plot, or the compound wall.

2         River encroachment, issue a GO to vacate at least 20 feet on each side. Restore the land classification according to the old records. Ignore the vote bank.

3         Issue a GO to ban the usage of plastic covers with immediate effect. There should not be any excuse.

Conclusion : - While, everyone wish that these solutions should immediately be implemented, but only for others and not for the self.! However, it remains a question, whether Chennai floods of 2015 would bring in any social responsibility to protect the living environment, safety, and health standards in Tamilnadu, particularly the Chennai.

Ayapakkam House blocking the drain 

cement roads are not having proper drains

Plastic, wastes disposed in roads

drain slopes by commercial establishments

Drain encroachment slopes