68th Independence day tree plant donation programme

Saraswathi foundation's founder Ms.Saraswathi & her son Devarajan.G the managing trustee were very happy and proud to donate fruit tree plants to the 6th standard school students of the Mosur Government higher secondary school. A total of 105 mango tree plants of 3 ft height were donated. Event was organised on the day of  68th Independence day of India. 15.08.2014. 

Interestingly both the trustees have studied in the same school around 40 & 30 years respectively. By then the school was only a high school, now the same school has been upgraded to Higher secondary school since the year 2012, approximately 900 students are studying. Most of the students of this school are from the nearby villages such as Mosur, Nammaneri, Ambharishapuram, Jaderi Colony, Chinna Mosur, Mottur, Arichandrapuram & Tiruvalangadu.

School headmaster Shri Magalingam, who just took charge of the school in June 2014, was very pleased by the tree plant donation programme and made it as an inspirational event to the students.   The Mosur village president, Mr.Pichandi retired HM, The honorary president of the Student Parents association,  Mr. Sathasivam, Ex-Councilor, PMK,  The president of student parents association  and Mr.Prabhakaran, Advocate, Madras High Court all have felicitated the event. 

With a motivating and interaction speech,  a message was delivered as a final note i.e "Changing the society is in the hands of teachers, changing the family is in the hands of the Student" - A message well received by the teachers and students with loud applaud. 

Reason for donation

- Promote green environment
- Intuiting responsibility on students
- Instigate ethics and values in life
- Fruit as food. Banganapallee mango variety are very productive and tasty
- Interact with students on the special event of 68th Independence day of India

These plants were transported from Uttukottai, Tiruvellore District. An amount of INR 60/- was spent on each sapling including the transport cost. This event was totally funded by the Saraswathi Foundation for Promoting Education & Environment. Rs.200 spent of print banner.