Objects of the Trust

I) To establish, promote the social values and ethics education and clean and green environment to the general public, educational institutions, colleges, schools, research centre's, technical institutions, commercial establishments and other public charitable institution.

II) To create, publish, print and distribute study materials of subjects related to the social values and ethics education and clean and green environment, conduct lectures, seminars, symposium on all subjects connected with objects of the Trust and to award scholarships, prizes, trophies for the improvement of human values and sustainable development of the society.

III) To run education centre's, environmental labs, research and convention centre's.

IV)To develop the basic human values among the people of the country and the world, specially develop these qualities in children and youth, a sense of discipline and patriotism to the nature, connect each and every other human being  to extend each other the human feelings by demonstrating love, warmth, care, mentorship and  fellowship .

V) To educate sustainable life standards, agriculture training and agriculture based developments.

VI) To educate children and students to learn to live with dignity and right to life through education and create self development 

VII) To promote a clean and green revolution, by providing tree saplings and men and women made forest initiatives.

VIII) To felicitate, appreciate volunteers for the best contribution of promoting the objects of the Trust.

IX) To do all such things as may be necessary or conducive for the advancement of the objects above mentioned;


The benefit of the trust shall be open to all sections of people irrespective of region, religion, caste, race, colour and etc